Sound Info : Threeks (Berlin)

threeks_2„The Sound of the Future“


Threeks from Germany’s capital Berlin are mashin‘ up the scene since 2003.
Members of this fully talented Crew are: Weasel (MC), Nico (DJ) and Alex (Founder).
Together they build an amazing Team to promote and support the caribbean culture in Germany, Europe and Worldwide.
Their high-quality Mix-CDs have a tremendous reputation in the scene for years now,
which even lead to a nomination for the international Soca Awards in 2008.
Since the beginning, Threeks Sound is part of the Berlin Carnival Crew, playing at the biggest Soca Fete in Germany -„Glow“-
together with Artists like Kes, Skinny Fabulous, Rupee, Ms. Desire and Lil Rick.
In 2012 they joined the Rotterdam Zomercarnival for the Mas Band SMALL ISLAND UNITY
and teamed up with a group of Soca DJ’s, Artists and Supporters from Holland and the UK, forming the „SOCA AVENGERS“,
ready to bring you the best in Soca across international borders!
Also as a member of QZ RADIO HD they convince with a weekly live mixsession.
They did not only produce promomixes for artists like Mista Vybe, Kes, Lil Rick, Skinny Fabulous, radio live mixsessions and official mixtapes,
they also already did remixes and roadmixes for artists like Erphaan Alves & Machel Montano (TNT), Wuss Wayz Empire (GND), Springs & Sugar J (GND).
Their roots might be German, but, their hearts beat for the Caribbean.
Threeks high quality selections bring you the latest and moving Soca tunes from all caribbean islands.
„Soca 4 Life“ is their mission and Threeks represent it with every tune they play – live and as well as on their Mix-CDs !
Soca in their vene, Soca in their blood!

They already played national and international gigs with big Artists like Rupee, Kes (Trinidad), Muzik Lil Muzik, Konata,
Lil Rick and Ms. Desire (Barbados), Maddzart, Skinny Fabulous and Problem Child (St. Vincent), Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons (TNT),
Sizwe C (TNT), Kamau (Virgin Islands), Mista Vybe and Mr. Slaughter (TNT),
Mr Vegas and Baby Cham (JA), Kerwin Du Bois (TNT), Scrappy (Montserrat), Tolga (GER), Heckert Empire (GER).

Not to forget the DJs and Soundsystems like Pow Pow Movement (GER), Sentinel (GER), Supersonic (GER),
Waxfiend (NL), X-Caliber Sound (TNT), Silly Walks (GER), City Lock (GER), Herb A Lize It (NL), Rudeboy Sound (ISR),
Soundquake (GER),Hendrik UNLTD (GER), Sunny Friday (GER), Soca Mafia (UK), Soca Twins (GER),
Warrior Sound (GER), Barney Millah (GER), DJ Spy (NL) DJ Tate (UK), DJ Stephen (USA),Tony Tempo (USA),
Mash Up Crew (GER), SWS (GER), Soca Revolution (SWE), Bass Station (GER) and many more…



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